November 23 (Tuesday), 2010
1SC01: Short Course 1
1: 1SC01-1 Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors in Array Antennas - Optimization of Array Antennas for High Performance Prof. Nobuyoshi Kikuma,Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan
1SC02: Short Course 2
1: 1SC02-1 Design, Analysis and Practical Applications of RFID Antennas Prof. Raj Mittra(1) and Prof. Andrey S. Andrenko(2),(1)Pennsylvania State University, U.S.A., (2)YRP R&D Center, Fujitsu Laboratories LTD, Japan
1SC03: Short Course 3
1: 1SC03-1 The Physics and Mathematics of Multiantenna Systems and How to Improve Their Performances Prof. Tapan K. Sarkar(1) and Prof. Magdalena Salazar-Palma(2),(1)Syracuse University; Syracuse, New York, U.S.A., (2)Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
1SC04: Short Course 4
1: 1SC04-1 MIMO and Diversity Antenna Systems for Mobile Terminals and Small Base Stations Prof. Hiroyuki Arai,Yokohama National University, Japan
1SC05: Short Course 5
1: 1SC05-1 A Historical Perspective of the Method of Moments Prof. Kenneth K. Mei,City University of Hong Kong, China
1SC06: Short Course 6
1: 1SC06-1 Antenna Designs for Mobile Communications and Satellite Services Dr. Hang Wong,City University of Hong Kong, China


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